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Use text decoration and markdown in the Body of article

Last updated: Jan 14, 2024

Helpme center supports basic markdown text decoration and rich text.

1. Headings

A # and a space at the beginning of a line is displayed as a heading.
The heading level changes depending on the number of #.

# Heading level 1
### Heading level 2
### Heading level 3

2. Bold

Surrounding text with two asterisks ** or two underscores __ and tags makes it bold.


e.g. These characters are displayed in Bold.

3. italic, slanted (Italic)

Italic characters are italicized by enclosing them with an asterisk * or tags.


e.g. These characters will be displayed in Italic.

4. Small text

If you enclose text with and tags, it will appear as small text.


e.g. These characters will be displayed smaller.
e.g. *These characters will be displayed smaller, you can use it for notes etc.

5. Adding paragraphs and line breaks

In general markdown, lines are broken by two or more consecutive single-byte spaces.
In Helpme center, for more intuitive operation, line breaks in the body of an article are reflected as they are on the site.

Line breaks within the body of the article data in Google sheet are also reflected on the site.

Line breaks in a cell work as

1 line break in a cell: Normal line break
2 line breaks in a cell: Paragraph change

If unnecessary line breaks that are not set in a cell are displayed on the site, correcting some cell data and re-saving the cell may resolve the problem.

How to make line breaks in a cell

Press Alt + Enter or Ctrl + Enter (Windows) or Command + Enter (Mac) in the cell.

<br> tag

You can break lines with <br> tag in a cell.

Normally, more than two line breaks will result in a paragraph change and line breaks don't work in such case. If you wish to break lines across multiple lines, please enter two or more <br> tags in succession, such as <br><br>.

6. Inserting a Web Link

There are two ways to insert a link.

a) Include a link as-is in the article Body

If you enclose the link with <> in the body of the article, it will also appear as a link on the site.

Markdown: <https://example.com>
Displayed as: https://example.com

Markdown: <mail@example.com>
Displayed as: mail@example.com

b) Display as hyperlink

The following description will be displayed as a hyperlink.

Markdown: The hyperlink will be [Example](https://example.com).
Displayed as: The hyperlink will be Example.

7. Inserting images

To insert an image in an article, write the following.
![Alternative text](Image link URL "image title")

![image sample](https://helpme.center/assets/images/sample-markdown.jpg "image sample")

Displayed as:
image sample

8. Inserting movies/video

There are two ways to embed a video.

Embed with <iframe> tags

You can use <iframe> embed code from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Go to "Share" > "Embed" on YouTube and copy the embed code as shown below.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/bP0skSWfvp0" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Embed with <video> tags

The <video> tag can be used.

9. Quotation (blockquote)

The text of the quotation should be written as follows.

> Here is the quoted text.

Displayed as:

Here is the quoted text.

10. Numbered bullets

For numbered bullets, add a half-width number, a period, and a half-width space at the beginning of the line.

1. item
2. item
3. item

Displayed as:

  1. item
  2. item
  3. item

11. Numbered bullets (nesting)

To nest bullet items, add three or more spaces to the beginning of the line of the item to be indented.

1. item
2. item
   1. indented item
   2. indent item
3. item

Displayed as:

  1. item
  2. item
    1. Indented item
    2. indent item
  3. Item

12. Unnumbered bullets

For unnumbered bullets, add a single-byte hyphen and a single-byte space at the beginning of the line.

- Item
- Item
- Item

Displayed as:

  • Item
  • Item
  • Item

13. Inserting code

To insert a code, use `code`.
You may also disable markdown, as in # Heading.

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