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What will the public URL be?

Last updated: Jan 19, 2024

Depending on the account ID you have set up, the URL for your site will look like as below

Live site and Test site

Live site: https://helpme.center/account_id/
Test site: https://test.helpme.center/account_id/

Once the account ID is set, it cannot be changed.
The account ID must be at least 3-20 characters, only a-z and hyphens are allowed.

Category pages and article pages for public sites

For Live sites, the URLs are as follows

a. Article page (no category)

https://helpme.center/Account ID/Page ID

b. Category page

https://helpme.center/Account ID/category/Category name

c. Subcategory page

https://helpme.center/アカウントID/category/Category name/Subcategory name

d. Articles (in subcategories)

https://helpme.center/Account ID/category/Category name/Subcategory name/Page ID

Note that page links could change

Please note that the link will change in the following cases

  • When the category name is changed (only the category URL changes)
  • When existing article data is re-pasted to another row on the article sheet*.

*Since page IDs are stored in column A, even if data such as title and body text remain unchanged, the article URL will also change when the row position on the sheet changes. To kee the URL unchanged, update and manage article data within the same row. Adding or inserting new rows on the sheet or adding or changing categories of article data will not change the existing article URLs.

For more information on article URLs, please refer to this page.

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